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i felt you long after we were through

{ lyrics of the day }
all the bullshit you feed me, you miss me, you need me
this hungry heart will not subside
he's taken and leaving
but I keep believing he's gonna come round soon

I made these a long time ago, so it was definitely time to post them.  Edward/Bella, Edward/Rosalie, and Emmett/Rosalie. (Also, sorry, I know I cross-posted these alotta places.)

The idea with this manip was that Edward and Bella were working on their onion cells or some other biology project (and are quite absorbed in it, like the studious students they are).  Rosalie comes to pick up Edward to walk to next class or some such and is a bit jealous/angry when she sees the two together.

Not much of a story here except that Edward and Rosalie are far too hot for Forks High.  (Notice the feeble attempt at some finger entwining.  At least I tried...)

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I have so much trouble making icons with these two, because I always want their relative heights to be somewhat correct and Emmett is so damn tall that it's hard to get both their faces in 100x100, so, sorry if the icons are not rock.

Please comment if you like or are taking anything!

PS - I haven't made anything graphics in a long time.  I have lost the muse, which is a very bad thing to happen right now because I promised to make a manipulation as a present for a friend and she's waiting for it.  Sorry.  :|
Tags: books: twilight saga, graphics, graphics: twilight, ship: edward/bella, ship: edward/rosalie, ship: emmett/rosalie

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