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I'm sorry, John.

{ lyrics of the day }
what will it take for you to understand
this is something the doctors just can't fix?
its always been my style to live a lie
i'm out of breath and we're out of time

I think my heart is breaking more than a little. God, that was so sad, but when John saw Allison tears actually did start to fall. And Derek and Kyle. And Cameron essentially killing herself. It really felt like the end. I want another season so badly, but I don't know where they'd go from here unless they just continued with Sarah's story alone and I don't really want that. I do like Sarah, but she's definitely not my favorite character on the show.

I'm not really sure what to think about when they are. I mean, obviously there's some kind of post-apocalyptic future, but is it the machines that did it. If so and no one's heard of John Connor, does that mean that someone's stepped up to fill his place? To lead the resistance? Or since he jumped through time and never grew up normally, does that mean that he was never able to become the leader they needed and never sent the people and terminators back in time to save him? (The time travel on this show befuddles me, because they seem to indicate there is only one future that they are fighting for, but how can all these changes in time not create a host of alternate realities?)

Cameron, oh Cameron! Why couldn't we get one kiss? I mean, John was already on top of her while she was half naked. Their faces were inches apart. ::makes the cry only a frustrated doomed shipper can make:: Why did she give up her chip? I knew the way she went into that room that she did not intend to "kill" John Henry, but I expected them to team up, not for her to kill herself. It makes me very sad; she was my favorite. Even Sarah better not have any doubts that she loved John (at least in her own cyborg way).

"Will you join us?" I'm also very confused by that. The link to the future and the T-1000 is apparent, and that's what I thought of at first. Cameron obviously got upset and flustered when Ellison said it, and I just thought it was Weaver's way of telling Cameron that she was a T-1000 and that this went way beyond saving a little girl. (Cameron's emotions in this scene really got to me. All episode I was waiting for "another side of Cameron" that the producers promised would come out in this episode. I thought this was possibly the answer at the time.)

John Henry obviously also has a glitch of his own since he kept repeating what Weaver said right after her. Couldn't that be a problem? I mean, I know Cameron had this side of her that was afraid that she was damaged and that she'd kill John Connor some day, but wouldn't her glitches and John Henry's possibly compound? Or does Cameron know she has no problem in her chip and that John Henry's problems are in all the hardware behind him, so together they'd make one fully functioning terminator?

Why did John Henry go to the future? Wouldn't it be best to stay in the current time (or even go backward) to stop Judgment Day? Or is Judgment day just completely inevitable so that he/John/Sarah should just accept this and try to stop fighting it and just be prepared for the battle with the machines after it occurs?

I was quite surprised that Weaver was trying to stop SkyNet. I mean, she didn't seem to be scary-evil because she didn't immediately try to track down John once she knew he was alive and in the same city. (Terminators are so single-minded and if that underwrites all of their coding, despite their other missions, then I imagine finding John Connor would almost flip a switch and they would go immediately destroy him.) She didn't. Still, I thought that this was probably just because she's such an advanced model that she knew she could essentially kill John with her pinky toe.

I just watched the very end again. John's going through so many emotions and he's so happy to see Derek and his dad, but when Allison steps out, he seems overjoyed to have found Cameron, but you see his slow realization that it's not her just written all over his face and he seems sad, and of course confused. He loved her; he went through time to try to get her back. I refuse to believe anything else.

There are so many questions left unanswered, but this does seem like a good place to end the series. I'm glad they got that much, and didn't leave us ending on a cliffhanger.

I liked this icon a lot, but I like it even more now. I imagine it being what Cameron might have said if John had come in time and tried to stop her. He would have been upset, telling her "I need you." After her rationalizations for her actions, I could see her removing her own chip and saying, "Enough, John. The rest is up to you."
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