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Picspam: "That was effective."

A nice, early shippy moment for John/Cameron. (Check out my other J/C picspams if you missed them.)

John:  [startled]  You scared the hell out of me.  How long have you been sitting there?
Cameron:  A little while.

Cameron:  That was effective.  What he did.  When he touched her lips.
John:  Effective?
Cameron:  I could see that she liked that.
John:  What are you doing?  [shows her painted nails]  No.  When you say things like that, what are you doing?

Cameron:  Just making conversation.
John:  Since when do you just make conversation?
Cameron:  I don't know.  It just seems like something I should do.

[John pauses]
John:  Well was having Morris impersonate me with that cop also something you thought you should do not matter what happened to him?
Cameron:  Yes.... but it wasn't a cop.  It was Cromartie.
[John turns to her, visibly scared]

John:  What?  What?
Cameron:  He's going school to school looking for you.  Trying to match your face.  He's moved on though.  He won't go back there.  I wouldn't.

John:  [scoffs]  The only way I am reassured by that is if I remember that in the core of your chip, you're just like him.
[Cameron just looks at him

John:  She'll move us so fast.  You cannot tell her, okay?  Promise me.
[Sarah walks in]
Sarah:  Hey, do I smell nail polish? 
[Cameron displays hand

Sarah:  What you guys talking about?
Cameron:  Just making conversation.
[Cameron walks past Sarah to the door]

Not enough?  Watch it!

If you have suggestions such as "don't include [stage directions]" or "don't cut the scene into so many pieces," they would be appreciated. Just please state criticism nicely, because I did work hard on this.

Comments always appreciated since the coloring kind of took me forever - I have grown a deep hatred for these caps in the past few hours (so please don't use for icons). Made for the challenge at picspammy and suggested by members at wiredtoyou.
Tags: picspam, ship: john/cameron, tv: the sarah connor chronicles, vids

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