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Picspam: "We Do. We Will."

I love this scene a lot. Cameron actively using seductive powers, lots of physical closeness, hints at John/Cameron in the future. All around A+ scene; it was just begging to be memorialized. ;)

[Cameron walks down the hall, strategically taking off her coat before knocking on John's door. No reply. She enters.]

Cameron: Are you busy?
John: No. [pause] You change?
Cameron: It's hot out.

John: Since when do you feel heat.
Cameron: I feel heat.

John: Are you hoping that Riley's going to see us in bed together and be totally scarred for the rest of her life or something?
Cameron: No. I watched Riley leave until I couldn't see her anymore.
John: And then you and Mom high-fived.

Cameron: You bring danger into Riley's life.
John: I know that. I'm not stupid.
Cameron: But sometimes you do stupid things. It would help me to understand why.
John: Humans do stupid things, so don't worry about it and be happy you're a machine.

Cameron: I'm a machine. I can't be happy. [pause] But I understand more than you think.
John: So you understand that I'm going to keep seeing Riley even if everyone thinks it's a bad idea.
Cameron: I understand it's a bad idea. And... I understand that being John Connor can be lonely.

John: Oh yeah? How do you understand that?
Cameron: You and I talk about it a lot.
John: We do?
Cameron: We do. We will.

[John looks uncomfortably away]
John: I need... I need to get some sleep.
Cameron: And Riley?
John: I know. I know.

Comments always appreciated since I struggled with the coloring off and on for a solid week - and yes, it still isn't great but I hope it shows up better on your monitor than on mine. (Still, please don't use these for icons.) Made for the challenge at picspammy. (Check out my other J/C picspams if you missed them.)
Tags: picspam, ship: john/cameron, tv: the sarah connor chronicles

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