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10 Sarah Connor Chronicles Icons

I was fotunate enough to be accepted to tscc_elite, so I made a small batch that mostly come from this picspam.



Rules/The Usual
1. Comments are love, fuel, and the highlight of my day.  Please take time to comment whether your snagging or not, but especially if you're saving any.
2.  Including the numbers of the ones you like helps me know what to make more of.
3. Please credit in keywords (how to).
4. Blanks are not bases; do not edit.
5.  Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

ETA: Ugh. Okay, I posted this too fast because I now officially hate all of these icons. I was in such a hurry to be a good member that I forgot give them enough of a quality check... Gah. I don't want to delete this now that it's posted, so hopefully you'll find maybe one you like here and next time I'll be better.
Tags: icons, icons: the sarah connor chronicles, tv: the sarah connor chronicles

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