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The Host Fan launch!

The oh-so-awesome-very-secret project I've been working on is coming out of the closet! Visit...


Since they announced the movie, my girls (aka fellow mods) at the_host_novel and thehost_movie and I decided to make a website to the splendid book and upcoming movie. (And Meyer has said she envisions this story as a trilogy, so possibly two more books and maybe even two more movies!)

Whether you love or hate Twilight, I really recommend you read The Host. It is really so, so good and much better than any of the Twilight books. (Stephenie Meyer has said it's her favorite thing she's done and even she admits she thinks the writing is better than Twilight. And this was in her Oprah interview to promote New Moon, not The Host. Watch if you don't believe.)

Our site is only partially up at the moment, but there's tons to do so at least go look because I worked my butt off. Thanks. :)
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