fringe. olivia resolute

sometimes I think this cycle never ends

{ lyrics in my head }
I am waiting for something to go wrong
I am waiting for familiar results
I am waiting for another repeat
Another diet fed by crippling defeat
And I am waiting for that sense of release
I am waiting for you to flee the scene
As if you held in you hand a smoking gun
And on the floor lay the one you said you loved

Oh, insomnia, thou art a fickle bitch. I keep going back and forth between sleeping 18 hours a day for a few days and then not sleeping at all for 72 hours. I hate you body.

Anyway, I watched the first episode of Being Human and it was very, very good. I think it might be too heavy for me at the moment, however. (I almost got quite upset in just the first episode and it's obvious that there is much worse to come.) Therefore, out of these shows that are slightly lighter fare, what do you all think?

Which show would you recommend?

Robin Hood
Legend of the Seeker

Also, I need to get out of this bed.
twlt. bella: i'm a broken heart.

Help Haiti

I'm offering some graphics/coding services over at help_haiti. Please consider bidding on my lot.

There are tons of other creative people there, far more talented than I, so please at least go take a look around and see if there's anything else you'd like. Also, I know so many of you are so gifted with online work, whether it be fan art or fanfic. You too can help by offering a lot/package to bid on. It's not too late to sign-up.
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btvs. just a shadow of myself.


I know that I've been doing this a lot lately, but I can't move on until we get this damn website up.

Does anyone know how to make "pretty permalinks" in WordPress?

It's pretty much the last thing we have left and we really need someone who has knowledge of WP or websites in general. Please? please please please.
ot. omg! OMG!

The Host Fan launch!

The oh-so-awesome-very-secret project I've been working on is coming out of the closet! Visit...

Since they announced the movie, my girls (aka fellow mods) at the_host_novel and thehost_movie and I decided to make a website to the splendid book and upcoming movie. (And Meyer has said she envisions this story as a trilogy, so possibly two more books and maybe even two more movies!)

Whether you love or hate Twilight, I really recommend you read The Host. It is really so, so good and much better than any of the Twilight books. (Stephenie Meyer has said it's her favorite thing she's done and even she admits she thinks the writing is better than Twilight. And this was in her Oprah interview to promote New Moon, not The Host. Watch if you don't believe.)

Our site is only partially up at the moment, but there's tons to do so at least go look because I worked my butt off. Thanks. :)